It’s that time of the year when you start hearing Christmas Carols in every store – 25th December! Soon after this festive holiday ends, almost everyone recaps their year and looks forward to counting down to the dawn of the new year. People make resolutions to start their new year strong. Membership subscriptions to fitness centres sky rockets, sales for every possible weigh loss program soars and new ambitious ideas start rolling in for the new year! Everyone gets super energetic to improve themselves and the world around them – everyone’s plan looks to be locked in place! Days go by, weeks go by, and for some, even months go by, and then for almost everyone, the inevitable happens, just like every year – the new years resolution momentum fizzes out and everything comes to a screeching stop… And time goes on.. until Christmas arrives again followed by yet another year’s end and the start of another broken resolutions cycle for most.. and that keeps repeating year after year.. almost like a normal life tradition. When are we going to break out from this cliched culture and start making smart decisions everyday.. when will we start making everyday resolutions.

The world’s current turmoil paints a very scary and gloomy picture. Innocent civilians are killed, schools and hospitals are bombed and the richer nations are also not immune to hackers and manipulators. Whether one nation influences another nations elections or a superpower leader acts like a high school bully and gets away with murder. Almost everyone is affected in one way or another.. one would wonder when will this world become a better place? When will we stand up for each other’s rights and ensure world peace is preserved. Why do we make superficial and ambitious new years resolution every year?

Maybe it’s time we start caring more about each other’s feelings and start making a positive impact and difference in each other’s lives everyday! Don’t get me wrong, I am not abandoning the entire new year’s resolutions ritual – that can stay but we need to live our everyday lives responsibly as well.

Let’s heal this world, make it a better place! It’s starts with YOU! Make your everyday resolution to be peaceful! Peaceful with yourself and everyone around you.

In the spirit of these thoughts, we designed this T-Shirt featuring a crossed out “NEW YEAR” word replaced by “EVERYDAY” resolution wording above a “PEACE” sign. Check out the T-Shirt here.

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Nothing sums up this article like this classic MJ’s “Heal The World” RIP Mike!

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